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At Chocolate River Publishing we aim to produce the best New
Brunswick books to tell our New Brunswick story to our children and the world.

Our books can be found at many local bookstores, and we
encourage our readers to shop local. If you don’t live close to a bookstore,
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Our Children's Books

Disaster at the Highland Games
  • Disaster at the Highland Games

    Disaster at the Highland Games has been translated into Gaelic and should be available soon from Braden Press.

    The English version is available in local bookstores, here, and online Scottish retailers like Tartan Town and Highland XPress.

  • A Calf For Olive

    Olive longs for a calf of her own so she can enter the 4-H calf competition. So, naturally, she is upset when she realizes that some of the older kids think she can’t take care of one because she uses a wheelchair to get around.

    Her dismay turns to delight when her parents tell her she can choose a calf from the ones on their farm. Olive knows exactly which one she wants—a Jersey calf that was born late and smaller than any of the others. But raising a calf isn’t easy. Olive has to draw on all of her problem-solving skills and work harder than she ever has before.

  • Finding Avalon

    Avalon Monday doesn’t mind telling schoolmates that her mother ran off to California to live with a guy she met on the internet. After all, that’s way less embarrassing than the truth. 

    One fresh start and three years later Avalon discovers there are things you can never truly leave behind. When the past collides with the present it exposes her secret and threatens to leave her new life in ruins.

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