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Chocolate River Publishing

Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia

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Camelia Airheart, the lovable Canada goose with the faulty Goose Positioning System—GPS—is back! This time she’s on an adventure to Nova Scotia with her Aunt Tillie, a reporter for the CGBC, better known as the Canada Goose Broadcasting Corporation. Camelia has promised to follow the goose butt, but can she stay focused long enough to keep her promise?
As she travels around the province, she accidentally stows away on the Bluenose and gets lost in the fog. Spike the cuddly porcupine, Cindy Crosby the famous hockey player, and Willow the donkey are just some of the characters she meets through her adventures. But, by the time she arrives at Thinker’s Lodge, she is ready to realize how even a small goose can make a difference in this world.
Praise for Take off to Tantramar
A picture book that combines wordplay, a rambunctious sense of humour, geography, and downright fun with joyful illustrations that underscore and enhance the text. Readers who find Camellia will love her and be waiting to see what’s around the next bend.
—Judge’s comments Alice Kitts Memorial Award

Odette Barr, Colleen Landry and Beth Weatherbee are New Brunswick teachers who collaborate to write the Camelia Airheart series. Each author brings a unique perspective to their writing, and Odette Barr’s intricate illustrations bring the characters to life. Their first collaboration resulted in the early chapter book, Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart! Their first picture book, Take off to Tantramar (translated into French as Allons à Tantramar) won the Alice Kitts Memorial Award for Excellence in Children’s Writing. Beth Weatherbee has composed and recorded the music for the Branta Bog featured in the books, and it can be downloaded from the publisher’s website. Odette, Colleen and Beth intend to follow Camelia as she gets lost in each Canadian province and territory!

Link to Canadian Library Materials review.