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Chocolate River Publishing

Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife

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It’s been 36 years since the writer’s delusional alter ego, Miss Nackawic 1981, reigned over her tiny town, but she clings to the memory as she picks up soggy towels and tries to make her menfolk understand the importance of throw cushions. Her hilarious observations about raising boys, surviving(ish) menopause, and searching for meaning in midlife will make you laugh out her expense.

Getting stuck inside Miss Nackawic’s time warp is the best way to spend a summer afternoon on the beach or a cozy winter night by the fire—anywhere but inside the local lockup—where Miss Nackawic 1981 may find herself when the Miss World Pageant organizers have had enough of her badgering.
—Nikki Payne, Canadian Comedy Awards Best Female Standup 2005, 2008

A mashup of Ellen Degeneres and Erma Bombeck, Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife is a slow roast of the everyday life as seen through a would-be pageant winner who dreams of bigger things. The many precious (and not so precious) moments in life, such as training teenage boys, charcoalizing a Thanksgiving turkey, or a rum-laced lemonade stand, are hilariously skewered as Colleen Landry holds court. After years of begging (I won’t say who begged who), this laugh-filled book finally exists. I for one could not be happier. We know these people. We ARE these people. But we love these people. Boom.
—Dan Alatorre, bestselling author of The Navigator and Savvy Stories