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Chocolate River Publishing

Chocolate River Stay Home Bundle

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$50.00 CAD

We know this is a scary time for everyone, but we truly believe that books can help get us through it. So we have bundled together three picture books and three novels with activity suggestions and are offering them to you at a reduced price ($50 vs $76.90). You can also download some pdfs for some of these activities at

Our Camelia Airheart books are funny and most children enjoy acting out her takeoff routine. Camelia uses a few strategies like deep breathing and singing the Branta Bog Ballad to help calm herself down when she is upset and scared. You can download a mp3 of the ballad here or We have included some possible activity suggestions and colouring sheets to go with the books.

In Henrietta’s Nightlight, Henrietta has to deal with her fears. This could be a good book to help your child talk about theirs. Henrietta was scared, but she did make it through the night. Your child will make it through this time as well.

Our maple sugar camps are closed right now, but you and your child can still go for a virtual visit when you read What-Cha Doing? together.

Deer Island Mystery is set on Deer Island, New Brunswick. Jamie and his friends have to use their science and outdoor skills to find the treasure. We’ve enclosed a copy of the clue they have to solve so your children can work on it themselves.